Volleyball Association of Slovenia

The name of the organization can be used in Slovenian or English, Obdojkarska Zveza Slovenije or Volleyball Federation of Slovenia.

The Volleyball Association of Slovenia is a voluntary association of volleyball clubs. OZS is a member of the Olympic Committee of Slovenia - the Association of Sports Associations (OKS - ZŠZ), the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB), the European Volleyball Confederation (CEV) and the Central European Volleyball Federation (MEVZA). OZS, which was founded on December 19, 1948 as part of the Sports Association, has been taking care of the development and expansion of volleyball in Slovenia for more than seventy years.

The association organizes and implements various activities:

  • It takes care of the extensive and high-quality development of Slovenian volleyball.

  • It organizes various trainings for personnel development.

  • It determines the system of national competitions, prescribes the conditions for participation in them, organizes them and performs.

  • It organizes preparations and performances of national teams, represents Slovenian volleyball and more.

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